Cerakote Nation grew from the idea that there was an opportunity to apply a military mindset to the ceramic coating applicator marketplace.

Honesty, integrity, transparency, precision and an unwavering commitment to excellence are the building blocks of the Cerakote Nation culture and what sets us apart from other manufacturers.

Through personal experience, our team identified inconsistencies within the ceramic coating industry and merged our skills and strengths to build Cerakote Nation. You can trust us to be your partner for all your Cerakote needs. We never outsource, and we don’t accept failure.

Our purpose-built production facility is designed to accommodate large volume manufactured items while efficiently handling our clients’ needs. We use the best equipment available and our employees’ skills and talents are unrivaled. We use state of the art technology to take your project from concept to reality.

Thank you to Cerakote Nation for doing an amazing job on my Glock 19. It came out exactly the way I was hoping. I’d highly recommend them for any Cerakote projects and I will use them again.

Mike H.

Man these guys are good!

Jon C.


Cerakote Nation is the premier Certified Cerakote Production Facility. Our factory certified facility is uniquely constructed to apply our specialty Cerakote coatings on an industrial level while producing high quality, reliable results.

Our commitment to detail and personalized service ensures our clients’ satisfaction on every item we coat. From the design of our production facility to our time investment into detailed project planning, we go above and beyond to be your U.S. based, dependable solution for quality Cerakote applications. Cerakote Nation is well capitalized and rooted within the industry.

Our mission is to be the reliable provider for quality Cerakote craftsmanship


Unlike most facilities, Cerakote Nation was designed and built from the ground up with the needs of large scale manufacturers in mind. We carefully detailed and assembled our plant to efficiently handle our clients’ needs. Cerakote Nation specializes in providing high quality Cerakote and design applications. Our Custom Shop features state of the art technology that enables us to Cerakote and produce your design in custom order or mass quantity with unsurpassed consistency and quality.


Cerakote is a professionally applied, thin film, ceramic, polymer-based coating that is durable, resistant to chemicals and corrosion, and has high heat tolerance and flexibility. Manufacturers in almost every industry sector that produce components requiring coatings with various performance characteristics and technical specifications benefit using cerakote compared to other coatings. Cerakote can be applied to most substrates including metals, plastics, polymers, composites, hydrographics, PVD, and wood.


We are ready to handle your large scale Cerakote application needs